Dear Izzy, 

Well.. where to begin with you? 

i love you. so much. honestly i wish you can realize how much i love you.. you would be pretty damn surprised. but anyway, i’ve been with you. your whole life. literally. i was just a baby when you were born but hey! so were you ;D tehe. i do miss all the times we had together when we were younger, but im glad we can still always look back and think about them. and laugh. now look at us. youre 14. and im 16. isnt it crazy how times goes by so fast? i think it is. i remember me . leaving Tampa in 06 because my dad joined the army.. i cried that whole car ride to GA. the entire but i was also confused because i didnt know exactly what was going on and i was happy that i was only about 6 hours away so every summer i’d still see your pretty face <333 <33 but now IM BACK HOME WITH YOU WHERE I BELONG. and youre moving in with me..  that is just perfect. i can already tell we are going to have the best of times ever. and yeah we might argue a few times and fight but the next day watch i bet we’ll be saying sorry. lol like we always do <3 i just cant wait. im watching you grow up. its really amazing . now i see why parents are always like “theyre growing up to fast” i can tell because youre like my kid ;d lol no youre my little sister.. well youre much more then that. youre my sister, bestfriend, other half. my only, my everything. <3 <3 i really cant live with out you. you and i are so alike in many ways even though it may not seem like it. but trust me WE ARE. 

were going to grow old together and adopt a little mixed kid. <3

and live happily every afterrr !<33

i cant wait to see you again babydoll. <3 i love you.

-Love always,

Chyanne Belle Ponder<3